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Reconfigurable Computing BITS-Pilani

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About This Course

Reconfigurable (adaptive) computing is a novel yet important research field investigating the capability of hardware to adapt to changing computational requirements such as emerging standards, late design changes, and even to changing processing requirements arising at run-time. Reconfigurable computing thus benefits from a) the programmability of software similar to the Von Neumann computer and b) the speed and efficiency of parallel hardware execution. The purpose of the course reconfigurable computing is to instruct students about the possibilities and rapidly growing interest in adaptive hardware and corresponding design techniques by providing them the necessary knowledge for understanding and designing reconfigurable hardware systems and studying applications benefiting from dynamic hardware reconfiguration.

Course Staff


Subhendu K Sahoo

Ashish Mishra

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to buy a textbook?

Wolf Wayne, FPGA Based System Design, Pearson Edu, 2004.

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