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Advanced VLSI Design BITS-Pilani

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The field of Digital very large-scale integrated circuits has gone through dramatic evolutions and changes. With minimum feature size approaching 60 nm, the complexity of the designs and interconnection parasitics has increased dramatically. This has led to new design methodologies and implementations strategies. This course is intended to give a detailed knowledge and experience in design of advanced VLSI circuits and chips in today's and future nano-scale CMOS technologies. Major VLSI design challenges will be studied, followed by careful treatment of several versatile digital, and mixed analog- digital circuit building blocks frequently utilized in VLSI chips The deep submicron devices behave differently, and bring to the forefront a number of issues that influence reliability, cost, performance, and power dissipation of the digital IC. With communication systems getting more and more complex, there is an ever increasing need for a VLSI designer to understand these issues and new design methodologies. Importance of research papers, and CAD tools in IC design process is also emphasized.

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J. M. Rabaey, A. Chandrakasan, “Digital integrated Circuits-A design perspective”, Second Edition, Prentice Hall Electronics and VLSI Series

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