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Computer Programming BITSPilani

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About This Course

The course covers the following topics: Basic Model of a Computer; Problem Solving – Basic Computing Steps and Flow Charting (Assignment, Sequencing, Conditionals, Iteration). Programming Constructs – Expressions, Statements, Conditionals, Iterators/Loops, Functions/Procedures; Data Types – Primitive Types, Tuples, Choices (Unions or Enumerations), Lists/Arrays, Pointers and Dynamically Allocated Data, Input output and Files. While the topics are taught using a specific language, the intent of the course is to teach a programming methodology, and not a programming language. There is also a laboratory component that involves development and testing of iterative and procedural programs using bounded and unbounded iterations, function composition, random access lists, sequential access lists, dynamically allocated lists, and file access..


Just a desire to learn.

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Assistant Professor, BITS Pilani, Pilani Campus

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    Jan 09, 2015
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    May 20, 2015